Care Instructions

Each product we launch is meticulously crafted using top-tier materials, providing the groundwork for easy, year-round styling that transcends seasons. We urge our customers to prolong the life cycle of their THEO pieces by adhering to proper care and maintenance practices.

Clothing: To preserve the integrity of these fabrics, we recommend dry cleaning only. This specialized cleaning method helps maintain the rich texture, vibrant colors, and intricate details of our clothing.

Shoes: All of our shoes are made from genuine leather.

Leather: To spot clean leather shoes, start by gently wiping away any surface dirt or stains with a soft, damp cloth. Avoid using excessive water. For tougher stains, mix a mild soap with water and apply it using a soft brush or cloth, then wipe clean. Allow the shoes to air dry naturally, away from direct heat sources. Finish by conditioning the leather with a suitable product to maintain its luster and suppleness.

Suede: Spot cleaning suede shoes requires a delicate touch. Begin by using a soft brush or suede eraser to gently remove surface dirt and stains. For oil-based stains, apply cornstarch or talcum powder to absorb the oil, then brush it off. For water-based stains, use a clean, dry cloth to blot the excess moisture. Avoid using water directly on suede. Allow the shoes to air dry thoroughly. Finally, brush the suede in one direction to restore its texture.